Cons and Commissions!

Turns out I have a full convention schedule this year. Here are the next three dates.
APRIL 24-26, I will be attending C2E2 in Chicago.

MAY 23-25, I will have a table at Denver Comic-Con.

JUNE 19-21 I will be in Charlotte, NC for Heroescon.

I will be doing all weekend for each show. Come ask me for a sketch. Or if you want to commission something ahead of time to pick up at your show, contact my art guy at and we will set something up.

Here’s a sample of current and recent commissions.

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  1. Don’t forget to check out Anime Expo next year. It’s as big as San Diego and less expensive. You might just find a good reception, as you said [to me] manga aspects are a part of your art style. One point, there are a lot of hotels around the convention, but you might want to wait a couple of weeks or more for more of them to be offered online.
    Looks to be as huge as SD this year, if not the media circus [which is fine by me].

  2. Any possibility of you selling wall posters of Courtney Crumrin and other people(creatures) from that series? My sister and I loved it, and even went as Courtney adn Uncle A to a Sac-Con convention. Thanks.

  3. wow, domino is all geared up and decked out! and you can houdini my batman anyday!! i used to get a sketch every dragoncon but missed a couple. will try this heroes tho! maybe an alice in a space suit going down a very big hole – you always are able to put a spin every genre you touch, Ted!

  4. Hi, I was wondering how to find out when I should be expecting my commission I ordered on Friday at the New York Comic Con? It’s of Skarrow in color and it’s supposed to be delivered to my house since Friday was my last day at the con so I couldn’t pick it up even if I wanted to. If there’s any way I can get that info that would be great. Thanks.
    -Brittany K.

    1. Brittany, I’ll forward this to Ted. We are currently revamping the site and he is not checking comments. Thanks! [Angela, admin]

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