Catch up on Ugg!

Ugg number 8 is out, finishing off the story arc. After much consideration, I have decided I want to give Ugg a break and switch to one of my other pending projects. Ugg series 2 is coming eventually, but right now, I have a number of other stories in the pipeline.

In the next year, there will be a collected edition of Ugg issues 5-8, and after that, a deluxe collection of the entire arc. But for now, if you want the end of the story, best snap up a copy of #8 while supplies last.   Buy it here! 

And if you forgot to pick up issue 7, here’s a link. 


  • George

    Easily one of THE most refreshing, original series to emerge in years. Looking forward to another storyline soon.

  • Thaddeus Nowak

    I must say, I only recently came across Princess Ugg (bought the single #2 at my local shop) and then promptly bought the TP 1 and set the TP 2 to preorder as soon as I finished reading the single. The preorder came in, I picked it up last night, and finished reading it today. I wanted to say really enjoyed the series, look forward to your other work, and hope one day to see more of Ülga.

    Thank you for the story,


  • TB

    Very happy to hear that a Series 2 of this excellent comic is at least somewhere in the future! Princess Ugg brings to mind Terry Pratchett’s Queen Ynci from “Lords and Ladies,” particularly her war pony Spike which is described as having “the same general shape and disposition as a barrel of gunpowder.”

  • Kitsu

    When will more issues be coming out? Just finished #8 and waiting on more adventures from our brave “wee beserker.” I love a princess that has her own head and follows her own path. “Ugg” is one of the best princess comics that I’ve read, out there. ^^