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    More Late-Night Sketches (or “I’m such a Fanboy”)

    I’ve recently been on a Bruce Timm animation spree, having taken in the entire run of Justice League: The Animated Series, Under the Red Hood, and Batman/Superman: Public Enemies, and Justice League: Doom, among others. Having never gotten into superhero team books, this was kind of a new world for me. I noticed a few things, such as how much the Avengers movie borrowed from Justice League, and how much JL borrowed from Buffy and other Whedon works. I feel like Timm, Dini and Whedon belong to a really geeky modern version of, like, the French Impressionist scene in the late 1800s, with everyone inspiring one another and egging each…

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    Courtney Crumrin #2

    It’s coming out tomorrow (Wednesday, May 9th, 2012), and here’s what it looks like. In issue  2 of the new ongoing Courtney Crumrin series, Courtney faces off with Holly, her new best friend/worst enemy, and some terrifying secrets come to light. But are they Holly’s secrets, or Courtney’s? Supplies are limited. Seriously, comic stores never order enough indy books, let alone ones in demand. So get there early if you want your copy.

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    DC Ami-Comi

    As if I didn’t have enough going on, DC has just announced the Ame-Comi digital series, a unique alternative DC universe. If you haven’t already heard about it, this is the concept. Whart if the DC universe had no superheros of super-villains, but only heroines and villainesses. Right? I love it too! And I was honored to be asked to participate, drawing one of the 30 page chapters of the series. It looks like my editors at DC want to keep the info at a minimum, so for now, I have to take the sketches down. Sorry. Here’s something else to enjoy in the meantime.

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    The Year of Courtney

    As you may know, to celebrate the ten year anniversary of Courtney Crumrin, Oni Press is releasing a new ongoing Courtney series, written and drawn by Yours Truly, as well as color hardcover editions of the  entire series. They are in stores as of this last Wednesday, or else available online at the Oni Press store. If you’ve ever been interested in Courtney Crumrin, now is the time to jump on! http://www.onipress.com/title/courtney-crumrin-and-the-night-things-special-edition http://www.onipress.com/title/courtney-crumrin-1