The Year of Courtney Continues!

Courtney Crumrin issue 4 is about to hit shelves, and wrap up the current Courtney story arc. You think things have gotten pretty crazy for Courtney and Holly in their underground adventure? You ain’t seen nothing yet! Don’t miss it.

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Also, I just got my copy of the new Courtney hardcover, The Coven of Mistics. Like the previous volume, it is exceptionally handsome, in an elegant hunter green with a full color interior. Colorist Warren Wucinich has outdone himself with this one, imbuing the book with even more lustrous, atmospheric color than the last one. Thanks again, Warren. It will hit shelves at the end of next month, with a cover price of $24.99.


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For you folks in the southeast, I hope to see you at Dragon-Con this year, and personally sign your copy of Coven of Mystics. If you don’t have one by then, I’ll be bringing a stack (barring force majeure).  It may be my last Dragon-Con for a while, so don’t forget to come see me.


  • Michael

    How can I get my hands on Courtney #4? Both my local comics shop and the Oni Press store are sold out!

  • Ted Naifeh

    Sorry to put up false info. It turns out that the next issue isn’t coming out till this coming Wednesday. Diamond Distribution delayed it a week.

    Be sure to come back and let us know what you think when you’ve read it.

  • Ternezo

    What a surprise when I went to my favourite library here in Strasbourg (Eastern France) when I saw this issue…

    What a level up, dear Ted !

    I won’t spoil.

    With another style than Mike Mignola and Eric Powell (two other american authors that I really like), you make your character do the same fall in the story than theirs.
    From a light beginning -understand with a part of humor with some fancy elements- you take us deeper in your world.
    Deeper in the night, in its darkness and, no doubt about that, in the darkness of Courtney. Meanwhile higher in her light too.
    And that is good with the F word everywhere around.

    I actually was waiting for it since the Portrait of a Warlock as a young man. I had told myself than may be this was not your intentions but I’ve been waited (I was waiting ?) for a clue that you would headed to this direction.

    I understand better this very link between Courtney and Aloysus. So much that I’m going to read again the previous issues with a new eye. Thanks for that.
    I really like when story keys are used later when you haven’t even thought about them (sorry if my English makes my words unclear).

    Your artline also gets stronger years after years and that is a real pleasure for me, as a reader but also as an ex-professionnal colourist and as a drawer-for-pleasure myself, to see its evolution.

    Those last years I haven’t read as much comic books than when I was younger (I’m 37 and a bit upset about comic books industry).

    I’ve never been a fanatic of anyone and I am still not but you are definitely one of those authors that I still read with a lot of pleasure.

    • Ted Naifeh

      Thanks much! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the stories. As for the art, you can thank my tours of France, my discovery of Claire Wendling and Roger and other amazing french artists, for that.

  • Ternezo

    Claire Wendling has inspired many French authors. As Mathieu Lauffray has too.
    In Angouleme, did you meet Denis Bajram who’s Universal War One is a Sci-fi masterpiece ? His wife is also a great scenarist, Valerie Mangin. She wrote The scourge oSciFi, sort of futuristic transcription of Roman mythology in space.
    An other guy of the same fellowship is quite remarkable, Fabrice Neaud writer and drawer of Le Journal, telling hthe true story of his living with homophobia in Angouleme.
    That is also a masterpiece, speaking about both story and graphic.

    Do you have more details about this Roger ? The name doesn’t tell me anything and I’m curious.

  • Ted Naifeh

    Here’s a sample of Roger’s work. you can see that he has a similar cursive line to Wendling, although his is perfect and precise, where Wendling’s is more free and chaotic.

    I tend toward the more chaotic myself, but it’s been more instructive for me to study Roger’s precision.

  • Rick B.

    I’m interested in reading Courtney with my son, but am not sure where to start. Is there somewhere I can get a chronology?
    Rick B.

    • Ted Naifeh

      Why not start with volume 1? It’s $20 for a handsome hardcover with excellent resale value if you don’t like it. If you want a sample, I think the first chapter is still free on Comixology.

  • Michael

    I’m very tempted to snatch up the hardcovers as early Christmas presents for myself and give away my old TBPs to people I think would enjoy them. I’m curious to see how the stories I know in B&W are enhanced with color.

  • patrick

    are you selling original art pages from your current or old crumrin series? any other pages other than the one currently posted on your website?

    • Ted Naifeh

      Yes, I’ll have new pages up for sale soon. I’m currently revamping my purchase page. stay tuned.

  • Leon

    Hi Ted, I’ve been out of the loop as regards comics for the last year or so, (mainly down to my current place of work being in a city with no, that’s NO comic shops, Derby in the UK, avoid it) as a result I’d completely missed the fact that there is a new Courtney series AND the second Polly and the pirates GN is finally out.

    Both my neices are huge fans of your work, I gave the eldest one a free comicbook day reprint of Courtney Crumrin at the age of 7 and she was hooked, so that sorted her birthday and xmas gifts for a while, and her younger sister went through a phase of being pirate obsessed, so when she started looking jealously at her sisters Courtney books HEY PRESTO Polly & the Pirates!

    Which was great, until there was no more Courtney or Polly for ages, you really knocked back my status as “best uncle ever” for a while there dude…

    But now! NEW POLLY & COURTNEY! so YAY! Loving the look of the special ed reprints, Vol 1 is going to be winging it’s way to the eldest to replace her now tatty paperback edition, but do you have any idea when the new storylines will be collected into a GN? In time for xmas would be great…no pressure…

    It’s been great to be able to buy the girls comics that have truly excellent female leads, who take charge of situations and know their own minds, real heroines, thank you and long may they continue

  • Dave

    Ted, got enough info for the project we discussed in San Diego. Just started scanning individual pictures of Courtney into the computer from the comics and printed them out to scale. I’m planning on about an 8 inch height standing scale, although she’ll be sitting as we talked about. So I won’t need any type of model sheet. Will let you know when I have a rough done with some jpegs. D.

  • Judith

    Where can I get your older issues “Courtney Crumrin & the Prince of Nowhere” and “Courtney Crumrin & the Fire Thief’s Tale”. I notice that Amazon doesn’t carry new copies. Unfortunately!!