Courtney Crumrin #2

It’s coming out tomorrow (Wednesday, May 9th, 2012), and here’s what it looks like.

In issue  2 of the new ongoing Courtney Crumrin series, Courtney faces off with Holly, her new best friend/worst enemy, and some terrifying secrets come to light. But are they Holly’s secrets, or Courtney’s?

Supplies are limited. Seriously, comic stores never order enough indy books, let alone ones in demand. So get there early if you want your copy.


  • Mattias N

    The Reign of Terror of Courtney Crumrin. I really like this one.
    I wrote to you years ago and asked about Alicia. I assumed she had been eaten, but you said you would get back to her and Gareth – eventually.

    Reading the first glorious series (and i have, say, oh, six times) you assume that Gareth is taken down a peg on the popularity totem pole, and that Alicia is scared a night or two.
    But oh no, Courtney mindlessly keeps up her terror. Didn’t think about it? Didn’t care? Didn’t want anyone to think she had grown weak?
    We’ll see in issue 3 I assume, but I think she just didn’t think that loneliness and Night Things can be all that terrifyinbg – SHE can stand them after all.

    I am happy to see you return to your first and best creation. I love Polly, of course, but was disappointed in volume 2. Not the writing, really, but the art. Robbi didn’t rub me the right way,
    but I think I would have liked him better if the print hadn’t been so microscopic. Also, the king was really too silly for words. Not that bad a read, really, but volume one I have read over and over already.

    Courtney should have aged almost a year by now, right, counting from the start?

    So will we get to see the tragic love story of Alicia Oudler and nameless bully girl?

    One thing I didn’t like about issue 2. The Oudler mansion looked jarringly askew. I’m not much for realism, and probably wouldn’t have noticed if it had been in black and white, but it really stood out in color.

    Hope Courtney’s reign will be a long one. And that Uncle A doesn’t die.