APE 2009

Alternative Press Expo, San Francisco’s hippest Comics convention, is coming up this weekend. I don’t have a table this year, but I’ll be at the Isotope Comics Lounge party on Saturday night. Come by and get a signed copy of Good Neighbors Vol 2. Or even just a cocktail.

Writer’s Block

Joanne Rowling once explained that she rewrote chapter one of the first Harry Potter book five times. The whole chapter was foreshadowing. She kept giving too much away, and would rewrite it more and more cryptically, until she settled on the present version. I always thought book 1 chapter 1 was the weakest part of… Continue reading Writer’s Block

Into the Lair of Dragon*Con

Yes, My friends, Dragon*Con is coming up fast. It’s time for mayhem in stormtrooper drag and chance encounters with TV celebrities of yesteryear. I will be in the Pop Artist Alley, and will be signing and sketching all weekend. Also see me in panels such as: Illstration and Artistry in YA on Friday Night at… Continue reading Into the Lair of Dragon*Con


Whoops, almost forgot to mention it here. Lan Pitts of Newsarama did a quick interview with me to talk about my new site, plug my latest, etc. Here it is.

Polly Vol 2

I’m currently beavering away at Polly volume 2. It hasn’t been decided whether it shall be a six-issue miniseries, a GN, or three “prestige format” issues, as I’ve been doing with Courtney. Interestingly, as a writer artist, I understand why artists get the big bucks and writers get the big recognition. Writing is 80% inspiration;… Continue reading Polly Vol 2


My new website is officially launched. It’s a little bare right now, but there’s a gallery, a links page, and of course, a place here for folks to post comments and chat with me. Please don’t be shy to post your thoughts, long or short, and I’ll be checking and responding regularly. Also, I intend… Continue reading LAUNCH!

Hello world!

Hey there. As I mentioned below, I’m working on a new wordpress site with me groovy new web mistress. Stay tuned for the new gallery, plus a much more regularly updated blog. Just as a tidbit, I’m currently writing Polly and the Pirates Vol 2. More on that late breaking story as it progresses…