Princess Ugg #6

This is the issue where all hell breaks loose. Princess Ugg #6’s order cut-off date is 11-17. If you’re enjoying Princess Ugg, tell your comic retailer to order TONS OF COPIES! Or at least one for yourself.

Diamond order code OCT141575.


  • ghpon

    was just doing a massive re.arranging of my collection and ran across the 3 issues of Innovation Comics’ adaptation of Gene Wolfe’s The Shadow of the Torturer. imagine my surprise when i looked at the credits and found your name listed. so, now i’ve rescued it from the indy box and included it with the TED NAIFEH collection box …. which i expect to be filled as you continue to produce great work like Princess Ugg !

    also, i updated your wikipedia entry to include the reference to TSOTT. there was a reference on the TSOTT page, but nothing on yours 😉

    • Ted Naifeh

      Thanks much! But if my Wikipedia page needs an update, it’s for that horrible picture of me. That was after three weeks of travel in France, having left one week after gall bladder surgery. And to ad insult to injury, the haircut, which had never been good, was growing out into a nightmare. Ugh!

      Re: SotT, I’m sad to say I never got the chance to do more, as the series was cancelled. They’d had great luck doing Vampire Lestat with the incomparable Daerick Gross on art chores, but they couldn’t seem to capture lightning in a bottle again with Shadow, nor with adapting Terry Pratchett’s first Discworld book, The Color of Magic. Alas.

  • Bob

    Thank you Mr Naifeh for this story arc found it very entertaining and insightful
    have just read no.7
    Having no other way to contact you
    would like to suggest you look at a story on
    The Legend of Elsa by Rinjin
    a combination of the Disney movie Frozen and the Legend of Zelda game
    with a sprinkling of characters from How to Train Your Dragon movie
    The story is slow paced, reasonably written and in a number of ways touching upon
    several of the themes that you are also exploring in Princess Ugg