Princess Ugg Volume 1

Princess Ugg volume 1, collecting the first four issues, is out tomorrow, November 19th. Also out tomorrow is Ugg #5, so all Ugg so far will be on shelves. If you haven’t started picking up the series, this is the perfect time to get on board. Pick them up wherever quality comic books are sold.




    Princess Ugg:
    Comics Worth Reading reviewed Princess Ugg and I have looked forward to the graphic novel ever since.

    The use of Princess Ulga of Grimmeria as a comic character at odds with a school for Princesses is very appealing. Having Ulga at war with Lady Julifer and herself are also welcome characters qualities.

    Hopefully, the series will have more depth than the shallow goal of peace with the Frost Giants. Better would be an alliance with the Frost Giants against a common foe. Better still would be an alliance with the Frost Giants and a few of weaker valley kingdoms against the stronger valley kingdoms.

    Perhaps my favorite character in the series is the sly teacher of the history class. Hopefully, he will continue on as the mentor.

    The role of the villain is still open. A testy hot and cold relationship with Lady Julifer will be fun to watch (kind of like the Odd Couple with Felix and Oscar). However, we have yet to see the villain — or villains. Hopefully, the villain will be Ulga’s moral equal whom the reader will see as being worthy and good even though she is ultimately opposed to Ulga and all that Ulga stands for. Example: a Princess seeks to secure a reliable source of water and fish for all in the Valley at the expense of the Frost Giants and Grimmeria.

  • Tiago Santos

    Dear Ted,

    My pull list currently includes Astro City, The Autumnlands, Bitch Planet, Black Science, BPRD, Copperhead, Fables, Hawkeye, The Kitchen, the odd LOEG volume, Miles Morales, Miracleman, Powers, Rachel Rising, Saga, Sex Criminals, She-Hulk, The United States of Murder Inc. and an assortment of guilty pleasures. I find your Princess Ugg, which I only recently discovered, to be as good as any of these. Yes, as good as Hyde eating Martians or Janni Dakkar acting out Pirate Jenny.

    Having said that, would you say that you model Ülga and Julifer on Garbo and Dietrich, respectively, or am I imagining things?

    Best regards,


    • Ted Naifeh

      I’m sorry to say you’re way off. I was going for more of a Davis and Crawford thing. But Jon Muth’s Dracula graphic novel was a huge early influence on me, and his Mina Harker was based on Garbo, so I’ve drawn her face many times. It could still be kicking around as an influence somewhere.

      Actually, Now I think of it, I have a Scarlet Empress poster in my front hall that I’ve lived with for 20 years, so that might be an unconscious influence as well. Go figure. Never ask the artist. We have no idea what’s going on with us.


    Comics Worth Reading has been a big supporter of Princess Ugg. There was a glowing review of issues 7 and 8 recently. Before that, issue 1, 2 and 5 received great reviews in Comics Worth Reading, as well. I was pleased to learn from Comics Factory bookstore in Pasadena that a second trade paper is being solicited. I am looking forward to it.

    I patronize House of Secrets in Burbank and Comics Factory in Pasadena. House Of Secrets is a smaller shop with a limited inventory of the more popular Marvel, DC, Image and Dark Horse titles. No Oni. Comics Factory is bigger with room for some of the smaller publishers, such as Oni. For example, they have Greg Rucka’s Stumptown on the shelf.

    When I went in today, I noticed that that was no Princess Ugg. Comics Factory DID have the first few Princess Ugg comics and they had the trade paper prominently displayed when it first came out. So, I asked the obvious question. Princess Ugg doesn’t sell well, does it?

    My friend over there agreed to obvious.

    The next question was tougher and there was a long pause before it got answered. Why doesn’t Princess Ugg sell well? The answer was this. The artwork looks like the book would be a children’s book but the content is more adult. However, the stories are not adult enough to attract an adult audience. I agree with my friend’s closing assessment completely. “The book is poorly positioned.”

    If you decide to go with a new title instead of Princess Ugg, give some thought to your audience. If the target audience is kids, I am out of my depth to advise. If the target audience is adults, the stories need more depth and the character needs a different wardrobe besides a Fred Flintstones’ fur suit. To be honest, I am in debt to Johanna Draper Carlson and Comics Worth Reading for championing this title. I really didn’t notice it when it first came out and I did like Courtney Crumrin.