Confidential Cover

Some folks complain about Batman: Confidential, that it’s not in continuity, but to me, that’s a strength. I like the idea of little side stories in the Batman world. Plus, You can clearly get away with more, as evidenced by issue #18.

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  • Hollywood CDN

    I can’t wait for these to go on sale. I’m a huge Batman and Catwoman fan. Will you be posting the books here on the website for purchase or have links later on?
    One more quick question.
    Are you writing these issues or just drawing for the writer?

  • tednaifeh

    Alas, I’m doing neither. These are mock-up covers, created to get a gig drawing Batman books. They won’t be appearing anywhere.

  • Meghasissues

    Always have loved your work and I’m a huge batman fan so you have no idea how happy these recent posts make me even though I know they’re not real.

    Also just wanted to say thank you for using the good utility belt and not the weird capsule belts have have been so popular on him.

    I’ll definitely have to get you to draw me one of these next year.

    -The weird girl with the pug book from dragoncon

  • Craig

    VERY cool! You’d be a perfect fit for that character. Im sure it is only a matter of time before you are drawing a Batman book. You are on obvious choice really. Great image it’s so styling!

  • tednaifeh

    Alas not that I know of. Certainly if DC wanted to use it somewhere, I’d be fine with it. I took a few liberties with the costume though which they may not be okay endorsing.