Couple More Commissions

Just knocked these illustrations of Marvel’s current Thor and Loki. I hadn’t draw either since I was maybe sixteen. I think they came out good, though.

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  • .ray.

    Nice commissions Mr.Naifeh.
    I see you will be at NYCC this weekend.I wanted to know if there is anyway to get on your commission list.I wanna get something for my girls.You did a Cpt.Sparrow for me a couple NYCC ago.Let me know.I love your art and your commissions kick butt.

  • tednaifeh

    Certainly. I have two commissions in the pipe, but now’s the time to get in. What are you looking for? BTW, I only accept cash, check or blu-rays.

  • .ray.

    Which of these would you like to draw?These are the characters me and my girls love.Rocketeer,Indiana Jones,10th Doctor Who,Courtney Crumrin & Butterworm,Maleficent.Then the Man With No Name and Gogo Yubari(kill bill) are 2 i love also.Let me know how much for one and maybe i can get 2.Email me if you can we can talk price or maybe i can get some blu-ray.Thanks.

  • Lan Pitts

    I’d love to see you tackle Maleficent, but for my own greedy purposes.

    Also, these commissions are incredible, but you already knew that.

  • .ray.

    Thanks Mr.Naifeh.
    Let me know how much or what you want for the commission.I look forward to it.Will you have it ready for NYCC?I only ask so i can look for you.Do you know where you’ll be?
    Lan is right.These commissions are great but so are all your pieces.