Couple More Commissions

Just knocked these illustrations of Marvel’s current Thor and Loki. I hadn’t draw either since I was maybe sixteen. I think they came out good, though.

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  1. Nice commissions Mr.Naifeh.
    I see you will be at NYCC this weekend.I wanted to know if there is anyway to get on your commission list.I wanna get something for my girls.You did a Cpt.Sparrow for me a couple NYCC ago.Let me know.I love your art and your commissions kick butt.

  2. Certainly. I have two commissions in the pipe, but now’s the time to get in. What are you looking for? BTW, I only accept cash, check or blu-rays.

  3. Which of these would you like to draw?These are the characters me and my girls love.Rocketeer,Indiana Jones,10th Doctor Who,Courtney Crumrin & Butterworm,Maleficent.Then the Man With No Name and Gogo Yubari(kill bill) are 2 i love also.Let me know how much for one and maybe i can get 2.Email me if you can we can talk price or maybe i can get some blu-ray.Thanks.

  4. I’d love to see you tackle Maleficent, but for my own greedy purposes.

    Also, these commissions are incredible, but you already knew that.

  5. Thanks Mr.Naifeh.
    Let me know how much or what you want for the commission.I look forward to it.Will you have it ready for NYCC?I only ask so i can look for you.Do you know where you’ll be?
    Lan is right.These commissions are great but so are all your pieces.

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