Bon Voyage!

I will be heading off to France today to attend Saint-Malo’s Comics Festival, Quai Des Bulles. I’m also making stops in Lyon, Besançon, Annecy, and Grenoble. Drop in a say hello if you’re in any of these locations. The password to win a little watercolor piece is “Pamplemousse.” But only one will be given out per day.

For all you other folks that don’t live in France, I will hopefully be posting pics of all the lovely sites, shops, and meals you’ll be missing. That is, if I can manage to get ahold of a prepaid sim card, or get access to free wifi (which, in Europe,  is like finding water in the desert).  In the meantime, here is some commissions I did recently.

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  • La Fée des Fraises!!!

    Great! St Malo is a wonderful city, the city of the “corsaires” ( what is the word in english?). Please visit Art Ty Show, a little shop with fantastic silver jewels and necklaces: I’m a big fan of it!!! Enjoy the delicious “crêpes au caramel au beurre salé”, kouign aman (Aaaaaaaargh! soooooooo terrifiiiiic!!). And just have a look at the window of the patisserie Timothy: you’ve never seen cakes soooooo huuuuuuge and sooooooo …. no word for this!! Have a nice journey in Brittany! and if you visit South of France near Perpignan, let’s have a drink!! 😉

  • Adolatre


    I just finished (3 minutes ago) reading “Courtney Crumrin et les choses de la nuit”(don’t know the english title… always more exotic in french…).
    I couldn’t stop, I opened it, started to reed, and I was gone.
    I didn’t know anything about your work, I found it at the public library Bernheim, in Nouméa (New Caledonia) and liked the cover…
    I was going through a “Tintin” phase, and reading all of them, one after another (Le Trésor de Rackham Le Rouge currently), it’s an interesting change for my brain.

    Don’t have to tell you what I’m borrowing next week at the library…


    PS: On a tous quelque chose en nous de Courtney Crumrin…

  • Kelly Farrow

    Ted, my students and I love your work!!! Can I ask where the Courtney comics that have been coming out more recently fit into the 4 “tankobon” issues that we have on our shelves (Night Things, Coven of Mystics, Twilight Kingdom, and Monstrous Holiday)? Are they new stories? And if so, will they become tankobons of their own at some point? We don’t circulate “regular” comics b/c of the wear and tear, but if they become a bound collection, we’d love to purchase them.

    Have a wonderful trip to France!!

  • Jan

    Oops, I read this a day to late ! Hope you enjoyed your typical meal from Lyon yesterday evening.

    Have a nice trip and thanks for the pleasant moment at Experience !


  • Flora

    No kidding ! I just can’t believe you came and i did not get my car for a 30 minutes ride. I should have visit your blog sooner… Anyway, i hope you enjoyed your trip to France