At Last, a Sneak Peek at Courtney Tales 2

After many interruptions, the book is finished. Here’s a peek at the exciting continuation of the adventures of young Aloysius Crumrin in his unlikely alliance with the Anti-Sorcery Society. Enjoy…

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  1. Hi Ted,
    I just picked up “The League of Ordinary Gentlemen” and it’s really great. I’ve been trying to find “Portrait of the Warlock as a Young Man” but it’s sold out on Oni Press’ website, Amazon, and I only see a French version on Ebay.

    I’d really love to read the beginning of Aloysius’ adventures. Do you know if there’s going to be a reprint of “Portrait”, or are you going to be releasing a complete volume of Aloysius’ adventures any time in the near future?

    Love your work!

  2. I’m afraid the first one is out of print, and will only be reprinted as part of the compilation. It’s my fault that I waited so long to finish it. I promise to be more devoted to my indy career in the future.

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