Working Hard, or Hardly Working?

As I wait for the seeds of possible new projects I planted in New York in October to blossom, I revisit past accomplishments. Here’s a selection of sketches from conventions past. Some of them I barely remember drawing. Enjoy.

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  • Charles


    I loved chatting with you at the NY Comic Con. My independent bookstore finally got in the third chapter of The Good Neighbors. I really enjoyed it and even liked the ending. So many books have great premises but the ending just fails.

    After looking through the book several times I have started to notice some homages in the back ground. The first book seems to have Jay and Silent Bob hanging out in front of the coffee shop. Did Courtney, Aloysius and Boo the cat make it in? I saw the Spiderwick Chronicles in the 2nd book.

    Thanks again and looking forward to the next project.


  • Fergaloid

    Love the Courtney and Batman pic also. Nice Northstar! I wonder what classic Alpha Flight would have looked like under your pen. Marvel should let you do a lost tales limited series or something.