Detective Cover

Here’s my second attempt. As per someone’s critique, I changed the logo for this one to make it a Detective Comics issue, which got me thinking all pulpy. Then I kinda went nuts. Enjoy.

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  1. Absolutely love it. Has a brilliant “Jonny Quest” kind of pulp feel to it that works really well. One would hope Grant Morrison would be calling you sometime soon, as the style fits really well with his current run. Love the Batman logo, as well — keep up the wonderful work.

  2. That is an incredibly cool cover.

    The featuring logo reminds me of the Batman serials in all the good ways. The split Bat Man coupled with the wings/cape design that is just a little off kilter from what we see from the usual logo background give it a classic feel.

  3. This is just great. It really has an old school vibe too it, that great yellow space and the black spotting and everything. So damn nice. Its so classy! I bloody love it.

    I keep scrolling down your blog and finding these great mock ups and cant help but comment. All of them are gems.

  4. A book with Paul dini doing some old school Batman stories would be awesome this art is just incredible I love the logo the art robin looks more like Dick then Damien but whatever love to see a batmobile

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