Another successful D-Con

If you’ve never been to Dragon-Con, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s non-stop parties, amazing guests, amazing things to buy, and best of all, amazing fans in amazing costumes. It’s the only festival I know where the main attraction is the other attendees.  Those who consider Dragon-Con to be Comic-Con’s poor relation simply don’t get it. Dragon-Con is Comic-Con’s exotic, bohemian cousin, living free in Paris and dating can-can girls.

Here’s a selection of commission  sketches from last weekend. Enjoy. Photos courtesy of Lan Pitts.

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  1. Not sure yet. I think she may be an airship captain named Evelyn Wilde for a steam-punk series I’ve been dreaming up. Cut-throat Island meets Life Aquatic.

  2. Steampunk ain’t slowing down. If I do a book, I’m going to have to do some real fashion research, cause that skirt isn’t gonna cut it.

  3. It’s true Steampunk isn’t going anywhere, but I think it’s overdone at this point. Now, would you do an excellent job of doing one? Absolutely. But it would have to be beyond run-of-the-mill stuff at this point to stand out.

  4. Nice pictures, all around. I especially liked the way you drew Doc Oc’s arms in the Spider Man tussle; very different. Hard to put into words exactly, but Poison Ivy’s heavy cleavage is also noteworthy–I don’t know, it’s got a touch of realism to it in the way you drew it that evokes a little more character–less gratuitous, more everyday maybe.

  5. Glad to see that the steampunk woman you drew for me made the cut! That drawing is definitely one of my favorite things from the Con, not to mention the nicest piece of original art I own.

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