Pure Poison

My Poison Ivy. Not a drastic reinvention but not exactly canon. I’m curious to see what kind of reaction I get from this one.

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  • D.McAtee

    Really liking the “pantsuit” look. And the color scheme is nice too.

    Can I copy the part of your brain that makes such good facial expressions?

  • Alestaire

    I like her pale green skin. Apart from that she still lacks character in comparison to the other sketches of the Joker you posted. Ivy is kind of bland beside the Joker. Face and body language appear still a bit stiff. Maybe this is because he is drawn as being in motion while Ivy is pretty much standing still. For me she is not yet coming to life. It is as if you have not decided what kind of character attributes she is possessing. I am, however, following the development of the drawings with great enthusiasm and am looking forward to the next ones.

  • fergaloid

    What I like about your Poison Ivy characterizations is the appearance of accessibility, of being approachable. You could strike up a conversation and wouldn’t know you are in danger until you start itching, and by then it’s too late to escape!