And Now For Something Completely Different…

While I’m waiting for editorial at Scholastic to approve my thumbs for Good Neightbors 3, I’ve cooked up a plan to get a gig from DC comics drawing a Batman fill-in or two. What can I say? Daddy needs a new pair of shoes. Here’s the first taste of my sample work.

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More is coming very soon.


  1. @Angela: Thanks much, sweetie.
    @calum: I hope I can give you the opportunity.
    @Kelly and Blasphemina: Happy to turn you on in my own geeky way.
    @ Lan: She’s modeled after Diabolik. It’s all part of my little idea to take Batman back to the sixties, but keep the dark, serious tone.

  2. Your Lucifer issue seems so long ago now…

    A Hatter story would be so nice. Or the Penguin. Top Hats and Victorian Suits and Madness… Written by Dini or yourself. Preferrably cat- and bat-free…

    I’ll keep my eyes peeled for this one.

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