My new website is officially launched. It’s a little bare right now, but there’s a gallery, a links page, and of course, a place here for folks to post comments and chat with me. Please don’t be shy to post your thoughts, long or short, and I’ll be checking and responding regularly.

Also, I intend to post a fan-art and con sketch gallery, but I have to go through my closet and find some of the great art you folks have sent over the years. Somewhere, I still have a photo of the first tattoo based on my work, which was a Gloomcookie cover. But if you have fan-art or con sketches you want me to put up in the gallery, send them.

In other news, the script for Polly Vol. 2 continues apace. I’ll let you know when it’s done, and post art as it becomes available. The artist for Volume 2 is the amazing Robbi Rodriquez, whose website can be found here.

Finally, I’m starting a twitter account, which is to say, I have become a twit! Look me up.


  • admin

    Oops, almost forgot to thank Angela, my amazingly skilled and patient webmistress for setting this up for me, and rescuing me from the hell of banging my head against my desk because nothing worked right.

  • Bryan

    Excellent news on the site, and it looks great! Any chance of a local event for those of us in Fog City?

  • Derrick Fish

    Good news all around. And Robbi Rodriquez’s work looks FANTASTIC. There’s a bunch of Polly character drawings on his site that look wonderful.

    I can’t wait to see more.

  • marcosbnpinto

    Congratulations for the website!

    Nice of you open a space for comments, too – actually, I knew your work here from a comic books and albums exposition that was happening at a book fair, and I was instantly insterested – amazed, indeed – by the first moment, as the books there were originally published ones( in English, thus imported ), I feard that I´d find some difficulty on finding a place from where to order it( the named book fair happened in southern Brazil, where I also live ), but I discovered that your work was also published here, though were still the first two books.

    Of course, I bought it!
    Now I can´t wait to have the newest one