Ted Naifeh Bio

self-portrait_2011Bursting onto the scene as co-creator/illustrator of goth romance comic Gloomcookie, Ted Naifeh is best known for Courtney Crumrin, the multi-volume horror-fantasy adventures of a tween curmudgeon witch and her warlock uncle. In 2014, Ted wrote and illustrated Princess Ugg, the adventure of a barbarian princess going to princess finishing school. Courtney Crumrin has been nominated for several Eisners, and remains a popular mainstay on the shelves of discerning comics shops. Princess Ugg has garnered much praise from the comics community and beyond.

Ted also wrote and illustrated Polly and the Pirates, an all-ages adventure of a quiet, shy girl kidnapped into the role of Pirate Queen.

Ted’s current project is Night’s Dominion. A complete departure from his all-ages work, Night’s Dominion combines sword and sorcery adventure with modern superhero tropes, telling the tale of a fiercely defiant thief in an ancient city rife with corruption and hopelessness.

Among Ted’s other credits are How Loathsome, a decidedly adult story of life in the SF cultural underground, art for DC’s Ame-Comi story of Duela Dent, and contributions to other books ranging from Mouseguard to Batman ‘66 to Dark Horse’s Creepy.

Ted lives in San Francisco with a pet fog named Karl.

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