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    Today, Wednesday August 9th, NIGHT’S DOMINION Season 2 commences. Drop by your local comic shop  to pick up the newest issue, and learn the fates of Umber’s desperate adventurers. Here’s a sneak preview on CBR.com: http://www.cbr.com/nights-dominion-season-2-1/ Find your local comics purveyor at findacomicshop.com or comicshoplocator.com  Or purchase digitally at ComiXology link NIGHT’S DOMINION and other Oni Press ebooks are also available at the Oni Press Shopify store.  

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    SDCC Signing Schedule

    I have no booth this year at SDCC, so here is my signing schedule at the Oni Press booth. THURSDAY: 3:30 – 4:30, Oni Booth 1833 FRIDAY: 10-11am, Oni Booth 1833 SATURDAY: 5-6:30, Oni Booth 1833 SUNDAY: 1-2, Oni Booth 1833 I am doing sketches this year, so if you have a request, don’t be shy to ask. 

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    Instant Classics

    *******************BEWARE OF SPOILERS*********************** ******************READ ON AT YOUR PERIL********************* Last Tuesday, the Castro Theater in San Francisco showed a double-feature of Logan: Noir and Mad Max: Black and Chrome. I’d already seen both in the theater, in their original color manifestations. Mad Max had left its audience stunned, overwhelmed by its symphony of carnage. Perfectly crafted and paced, I can think of no valid argument against Mad Mad: Fury Road being named the greatest action film ever committed to screen.  As I left Logan the first time, at least one audience member was openly weeping. That wasn’t the last time I would encounter that response to the movie. It’s a gut…

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    Thoughts on Wonder Woman

    I wrote this on Facebook, but it sparked enough interest that I thought I should repost it here.  *************************SPOILERS************************************************* Some superheroes, like Thor, Green Lantern, or Superman, have alternate worlds built into their origin. This can be very difficult to depict in a movie, as there’s little time to conjure a fully realized realm, and make it feel authentic, before they must move on from the origin story and into the main conflict. As with everything else in the Green Lantern movie, its depiction of the Lanterns’ homeworld Oa failed spectacularly. Man of Steel’s Krypton was filled with visual spectacle, but felt as deep as a puddle, a collection of…