KRISS – Official Announcement

You may be wondering what I’ve been up to in the last year, aside from finishing up Night’s Dominion book 2 and other odd jobs. I’ve been calculating the next big phase in my career. Allow me to introduce the first part of that phase. 

This is KRISS, my new series, and my first full collaboration with the magnificent Warren Wucinich. Warren has done amazing work coloring Courtney Crumrin and Princess Ugg. He went on to draw Invader Zim. Now he and I have put our heads together to create this new series. 

So what, or who, is Kriss? Glad you asked. 

KRISS is the titular character of this new series, a young boy haunted by a past he can’t quite remember. Taken as a child from a conquered barbarian kingdom in the remote north, Kriss was left with farmers, there to be raised until he’s old enough to be a soldier, and feed the empire’s endless appetite for conquest. But Kriss still clings to dim memories of his real father, the king of Darkovia. And Darkovia still remembers him. 

When a wild sabercat, straying far from its home in the northern wastes, kills the mother of Kriss’s only friend, Anja, Kriss takes it on himself to slay it. Armed with only a hayfork, he sets out on his violent quest. But there’s more to the creature than simple beast. It may be the spirit of his homeland, calling him to return. Kriss soon learns that the path to greatness might also be a journey into darkness, from which there is no escape.

So KRISS is my and Warren’s grim, broody, black metal tween fantasy hero. We hope he scowls his way into your hearts.