My HEROINES Need Your Help!

Hey, everyone. I’d like to formally introduce you to HEROINES, my new superhero comic book series.


I know some of my fans are puzzled. “Superheroes, Ted?” they’re saying. “You’re an alternative and indy guy. What’s with this going mainstream?”

Good question. Except that HEROINES is not necessarily mainstream. It’s actually a story about marginalization, and how it silences people, a subject I consider especially relevant today. And I consider it the kind of subject best explored by independent voices.

HEROINES tells the tale of Marcy Madison, a bright, capable young woman just out of college, blessed with boundless optimism, a fresh perspective, and a nifty superpower – ready to make the world a better place. But what she finds is a world trapped in its own dysfunctional stories, mired in pessimism, and all too ready to dismiss her. So she determines to blaze her own trail, which soon proves dangerous. Along the way, she meets characters that may seem familiar to some readers, but through a very different lens.

That’s the point of Heroines, the reason I’m doing it. I want to examine the superhero world, its characters and its ideas, from a different perspective. I want to try flipping a few scripts, turning a few things upside down, just to see what happens. I hope you come with me, and see where it all goes.

Beyond this story’s relevance, the simple truth is that I love superheroes. I was drawn into comics by Batman, Watchmen and other icons of comic culture, written by mavericks providing alternate views. To this day, I find that some of the most powerful stories about moral values have superheroes at their center, saying and doing things that are as controversial as they are compelling.

However, I find that established characters from decades past are not always up to the task of taking on contemporary issues, or representing current ideas and values. While some characters benefit from subtle and even not so subtle changes, others can break when you attempt to shoehorn them into a new era. It’s not enough to adapt old ideas to accommodate current ways of thinking. Sometimes we need to start fresh with new ideas, new characters, new stories. That’s the kind of comics that are making the difference. That’s what I’m trying to do with HEROINES.


But an independent book like HEROINES lives on grassroots support. To tell this story, I need local comic book shops to get behind it, as well as fans like you. So take a closer look. If you like what you see, tell your friends, post your opinions, talk to your friendly neighborhood comic shop staffers – boost the signal. Please join me in coming to the rescue of my Heroines. They need all the help they can get.