The Year of Courtney

As you may know, to celebrate the ten year anniversary of Courtney Crumrin, Oni Press is releasing a new ongoing Courtney series, written and drawn by Yours Truly, as well as color hardcover editions of the  entire series. They are in stores as of this last Wednesday, or else available online at the Oni Press store. If you’ve ever been interested in Courtney Crumrin, now is the time to jump on!


  1. I have loved this series to death, ever since I found out about it. I’ve already purchased my copy, and I cannot wait until the other volumes come out, especially Coven of Mystics, as that one is still my favorite.

  2. I’ve found out about this series only three years ago. I’m still waiting the others volumes to show up in Brazil so…

    1. For now, I have a site with rotating originals. Soon, I’m going to have a dedicated page here on my site. Almost all the pages from the new series are available. Please contact my friend Lan at tednaifehart(at) for more info.

  3. Recently discovered the series during the free comic book day event at Isotope. Bought Volume 1 hardcover and guess what… Ted was there to sign it!!! YAY! He even drew a small goblin like creature on it! Me and my niece cant wait for Volume 2. When does it come out?

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